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I offer professional web and mobile app design and development services. I have many years working experience in web Development (both front-end and back-end) , Mobile App & Mobile Optimised Websites. With a blend of knowledge and a technical background, I deliver engaging, on-budget web and Android applications for small to large scale business clients in a reliable manner using PHP, MySQL & Android.

I develop & delivers professional web and mobile (Android) application design and development on schedule and budget.

I believe work is no longer a place. Job can now be produced at any time from any place, for anyone, on demand. It’s my ultimate goal to build the world’s top freelance community and help you build quality products & applications.

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Multimedia Application

Mobile multimedia applications are developed by integrating text, graphics, audio, animation, video, data and other content forms to provide mobile users with higher-end gui applications. it may includes an endless number of uses for businesses, travel, communication and others. i have the ability to create very simplistic applications to designs.

Social Networking Application

May it be the next whatsapp or instagram, with our all-round expertise on social frameworks and rest apis of all the major platforms (face book, twitter, linkedin etc), i will get you up and running in quickest possible timeframe. these apps let the user connect and sign-in directly to their favorite social networking site and share photos/videos and updates.

E- Commerce Application

As mobiles penetrate at much faster speed than ever, i understand the need of taking your shopping stores in the hands of your users. with my payment gateway integration services, you can safely take instant payments from your customers and offer them various payment options. i provide my clients with superior tools to manage their sales websites.





Google’s Android platform, a dominating player in the smartphone world with a truly open way of thinking.

Android app development is open-source based. It means that when Android application developers develop apps it is not inevitably just for smartphones, but can also work with other electronic gadgets that have network device characteristic and can connect with the Android Market.Among all mobile platforms Android is very brawny because Google has made it full of feature and it is open source platform and it is highly ascendible.

Android uses the Linux Operating Systems and any app developer that installs it on his own system is able to see the actual source code of the the application, understand how it works, and modify it as he wants. This freedom translates to develop more innovative Android applications.

Android developer app development services assure that your application is optimized for speed, performance, look and feel on electronic devices running different flavors of Android, from Ice Cream Sandwich to KitKat. Design your app with the core characters and potentialities of Android in mind. The result is an app that’s seamless, flowing and designed to provide performance, ability and offer a high quality user experience.


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Recent Android Application


Web presence is vital for your business, but offering the associated mobile application is becoming essential to target a larger audience. The Android operating system, developed by Google, is currently the worldwide market leader and the Google Play Store offers more than 12,00000 downloadable applications.

I can design and develop an Android application for mobile phones or tablets tailored to your needs.

Here are some examples of Android applications I recently developed:

Xpense mgr

Xpense Manager App has the great power of unique data analysis with intelligent advices, which helps you to save over 40% of your monthly expenses.When you’re traveling for business, keeping track of your expenses can be a hassle. But it doesn’t need to be. Thanks to Xpense mgr app, you can now check on top of your finances as you go along.

Using of written documents for calculating income and expense is always a very difficult job for everyone.It may also makes some calculations errors that cannot be easily find out.The main advantage of this personal expense manager over existing expense tracker applications is the quick and easy expense tracking.Moreover this expense software is a free expense manager.


Track and manage daily expenses quickly & easily! Business expenses, personal expenses, travel expenses etc
can all be managedrapidly using Xpense mgr simple and intuitive user interface. Customer interactive reports & graphs let you analyze income, expenses, cash flow and balance over various date ranges and accounts. The best expense management tool you have ever seen. Xpense mgr is the best mobile expense management app keeps your expense management smooth and interesting.In short, Xpense mgr is the must have tool for money lover.

To more effectively manage your budgets, you need a app that makes keeping track of your expenses fun and easy. The integrated Xpense manager lets you set monthly budgets on specific accounts and/or categories and monitor them via color-coded bars that shows you when you are about to exceed your expenses.

Xpense Manager is an great mobile application for managing your expenses and incomes:

• Awesome style
• Quick expense entry
• Ad-Free
• Assign categories
• Tracking expenses and incomes by week, month and year as well as by categories
• Multiple accounts in multiple currencies
• Budget by day, week, month and year
• Import and export account activities
• Attractive Icons
• User chooses to auto backup on Dropbox, Google Drive and SD Card backup
• Search option
• Flow Charts
• Free and no In-App purchase needed

It also includes such handy features as My report and accounts. With accounts you will never have to browse through those old report again to find out when those important motoring essentials are due.All you need to do is enter your input details and this app manager will take care of summary reports.

– Simple and through main Categories, with options to add more income and expense categories and sub-categories;
– Commited for users and also contributed by users: multiple environments for user’s feedbacks, users icon contribution and report charts.

– Simple and through main Categories, with options to add more income and expense categories and sub-categories;
– Commited for users and also contributed by users: multiple environments for user’s feedbacks, users icon contribution and report charts.

This App is not available in Google Play store, contact me to receive the App download for FREE!!